• Juan

Where's all my herbalists? SYSTEM 6th Birthday

It's Friday afternoon and you've been awake now since four in the morning, but your mate has already shouted you, reminding you that you MUST come to System's 6th birthday. So what do you do? Well, I'll tell you what I did, now nearing 6pm, I clocked out of work, rushed home to get changed and somewhat intoxicated on the hour-long tube journey into the heart of Camden.

Let's start with the venue, despite being a pain in the a** to find the entrance, Dingwalls provided a perfect environment suitable to house a heavily sound system oriented night. In addition to the simple decor (in other words no branding at all), the wall of speakers was more than adequate to fill that gap. Said wall opened out onto a single dancefloor, dark yet welcoming, inviting fellow dub heads to gather and skank in homage to the sound system veterans; with opening act System Roots adding to the dynamic with clean dub hi's and just a little taste of what the SYSTEM system could really do.