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Juan Reviews: Sepia - Instinct EP [IFS010]

IFS010- Sepia Instinct EP

If you haven't being paying attention to the waves Infernal Sounds have been making in 2018 so far, then where the hell have you been? Hiding under a rock with Spongebob and Patrick?! Hot off the press, they have done it again. Following on from a huge Valentines special release with Sir Hiss’ flip of Danny Uzi Vert on IFSXXX001 this time Bristolian Sepia comes through with a masterfully crafted release for numero dos.

As I slowly descend into the crevasses of the dubstep caverns, ‘Awaken’ is the song blaring as I do so. Its hypnotising melody paired with that core shaking sub makes it more than adequate to accompany such a journey into the depths of this ever evolving genre. With expertly placed hi hats and chimes, ‘dis Juan is already working it’s way up to becoming one of the most played on my iTunes playlist (until it actually comes out and I trade in the digital for a good old vinyl). And when you hear the bass stutter at the start of every 16, be prepared to feel your chest constrict tighter than a pickle jar lid, cos it is murkier than Shrek’s swamp.

Moving on, there’s something about the second tune ‘Instinct’, that sends shivers down my spine - but in the best way possible. I can hear my dad voice telling me to use this tune to test the levels before throwing an impromptu rave in my back garden. A clever vocal sample and a lovely blend of old and new school dubstep staple sounds make this track a certified heater, soon to become part of Juan's arsenal. This steppa-esque, crash bandicoot reminiscent banger definitely brings about some feels, Juan tells me he is reminded of his long journey from home when he listens to this one, and when the bongos come in he just goes ham.

Now ‘Mordecai’. ‘Mordecai’, ‘Mordecai’ ‘Mordecai’. Where do I start? I think this track appeals to me so much because of how I can hear myself over the top. What you saying Sepia? Wanna do a ting? The distorted melody rides so smoothly over this off-beat drill bass line and it gets me amped inside to start destroying the mic more ruthlessly than a hundred Tempa Ts. Sepia’s combination of snares, kicks and bass in this track are extremely well put together. Before you even realise, as soon as the track starts, you can feel yourself bobbing your head. And the dropping out of bass, a technique which I personally love, gives it that dirty drill-like attitude that starts to take over as you get deeper into the tune. I can almost hear a Faze Miyake remix of this (which would bang imo).

And for the last track Sepia takes us to a completely deferent head space, really showcasing his versatility, and has enlisted the assistance of Tailored Sounds to create what one would simply describe as a beautiful track. The saxophone is one of my favourite instruments and when used right in dubstep or any electronic music, just like it is in this track, you can really see how the different elements of the track complement each other. This one brings back fond memories for Juan, sitting on the porch with his abeulo smoking a cigar. Good times...

Overall this is Juan sick release, and has definitely earned itself a place as a serious contender for one of my favourite EP’s of the year so far. Big up and Sepia, big up Infernal Sounds on the link up. Don’t forget to cop! Links below.

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