Duckem - Spreading Rumours EP [EMB012]

Duckem joins the eatmybeat family on their 12th release with the ‘Spreading Rumours EP’, a diverse yet distinct body of work with features from Rakjay, Mob Killa and Bluez. We often like to talk about the interplay between labels, the releases they put out and the artists that they push to help place the music in a wider context and the ‘Spreading Rumours EP’ is a perfect candidate for this kind of analysis. If you listen to eatmybeat’s back catalogue it’ll be crystal clear that variety is the cornerstone of the label, whether it be big room stompers from Hedchef or swamped out techy schwengers from Hypho.

eatmybeats diversity is reflected in Duckem’s work, with loads of different avenues of bass music covered over the five tracks. From the 160 intergalactic cowboy vibes of ‘Loner’ through to the cosmic trappiness of ‘Space Surfer’, Duckem manages to touch on a whole array of musical intricacies throughout the EP, making eatmybeat the perfect place to release it.

The aforementioned ‘Loner’ starts us off with some spaced out vaguely evil sounding half time 160, crows and an old school western samp