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Sedan - Tread [LOCUS009]

And we’re back like we never left, with a new website, stripped back and clean cut, and a burst of that Chas flavour that we all know, love and adore. Starting off with our friends over at Locus Sound, Juan delves back into the world of reviews. With their ninth release on the label, on what is becoming an interesting musical journey that they are embarking on, Locus have provided us this time around, ‘Tread’ by Sedan.

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, man like Sedan has supplied one hell of release on the ever evolving Locus Sound outfit. Without further ado lets get straight into the release, Anita starts the EP deep down on the sea bed, brushing along the anemones and hermit crabs, with the ethereal keys and subby rollers creating this image, it’s as if Sedan has created the perfect soundtrack to compliment a deep sea dive. The effects on the bass drop to start the tune, the water like droplets, hits you right between the spine when this tune is played at its intended volume. All In all a very well rounded tune, with minimal vocals used but used so effectively.

Throughout the release you can find that in some way all of the tunes relate somewhat to the sea, all depicting a slightly different reference to the large body of water that takes up most of our Earth. ‘Anita’, depicts a deep sea exploration, ‘Miese’; an Oriental voyage of discovery, and lastly ‘Gabriel’ and ‘Tread' marking the ascent back up to the surface. It really is satisfying as a listener, writer and avid reader (when I can find the time) when a release maintains a theme consistently all the way through. Whether it lines up to what the artist meant to do is irrelevant, if it takes on a different journey then that just the beauty of music and interpretation. (Not to discredit the artist initial intentions).

With this release Sedan has curated and created a a consistent body of work. Simple melodies floating along heavy bass lines and the distortion of those ethereal underwater sounds on ‘Tread’ really have you feeling like you’re submerged. The water trope is maintained throughout and makes for an immersive listening experience.

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