• Juan

An introduction to juan's new website

Welcome to Juan’s new website!

This has been a long time coming but we’re pleased to finally share our re-designed website with you, featuring a stripped back aesthetic and that custom Juan spice. You’ll be able to find out what we’re getting up to in a more user-friendly manner. The latest collection of hand drawn icons - specially created by our resident cartoonist Chas – contain a few teasers of what’s around the corner!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to find and where, so you’ll be feeling at home in no time:

With the homepage being your first port of call you’ll find snapshots of the latest Juan news from across the board. If something takes your fancy just click on the article to delve deeper. However, if you already know where you’re heading then hit the desired Juan icon and you’re away!

If absolutely nothing floats your boat and you just keep on scrolling then you’ll no doubt converge on a selection of photos comprising of records, paintings, sound systems and more. You’ve now arrived at our insta feed, a last-ditch attempt at grabbing your attention with some not so subtle flexes with records you thought Etherwood held a monopoly on.