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Juan Reviews: Six Sunsets/ Bloodklart Fiyah Mandem - Commute/Light [GLASSY001]

If you’ve had your ears close to the ground, you may have heard whispers from the East [Midlands] about a brand new 140 imprint with a forthcoming vinyl-only release from two of the scene’s most exciting players. Today is the day you’ve been waiting for! After a week of throwing everyone off the scent with some cryptic crosswords and word searches, Glassy Records finally pull back the curtain and reveal the release in all its waxy glory!

When we said two of the scene’s most exciting players, we weren’t lying. With Six Sunsets on one side and Bloodklart Fiyah Mandem [JFO + Sativa] on the other, Glassy is not messing around. There was no reason to assume otherwise really. If you’re truly switched on you’ll have undoubtedly seen the previews for the forthcoming ‘Shards’ compilation [dropping 22nd of April for FREE], and to be honest I don’t think there could be any greater indicator for indicating the levels Glassy are going to reach in a fairly short period of time. It’s definitely a rare thing for a new label to be able to cultivate its own sound with only two releases under its wings, but between ‘Shards’ and ‘GLASSY001’, the imprint has definitely managed to carve out its own avenue in the 140 soundscape. We’re talking stripped back dubstep and grime, minimal sounds with maximum firepower.

Before we talk about a little bit more about GLASSY001, it’s probably worth adding a little disclaimer! Depending on when you’re reading this it’s either time to run to Glassy’s bandcamp, or time to sit down and start planning for GLASSY002. Limited to 300 copies with no digital available, this one is probably going to sell out pretty quickly. Other vendors will be receiving a few copies on the 11th, but it’s definitely worth copping sooner rather than later. Don't leave it for the sharks to decide your fate. It’s also worth noting that you can grab a mixtape alongside the wax, featuring dubplate mixes from JFO and Six Sunsets on either side. If, like me, your shit whip only has a tape deck, this could be an essential purchase to add a little zest to your commute [see what I did there 😉].

Icey mixtapes

Let’s talk about this A side though. ‘Commute’ is one of those low-key head-nodders with more layers than Shrek’s lasagna, constantly bringing in and out different elements that create a seriously spaced out dancefloor heater. I’m sure you must be familiar with Six Sunsets by now: kings of Shitty Dubstep, regular features on dancefloors across the country and certified producers. If this isn’t doesn't sound familiar it’s time to go browse through their back catalogue, two of the most active players in the scene right now. ‘Commute’ is their third outing on wax this year, and maintains that distinctive Six Sunsets’ style while being slightly more grimey in comparison to their ‘Sure State’ and ‘Banana Stand Sound’ releases from earlier in 2018. It’s got those icey grime pads, a haunting melody and a sporadic wobbley bassline. Personally, it’s my favourite Six Sunset’s tune to come out this year, definitely recommend purchasing.

On the flip you’ve got Bloodklart Fiyah Mandem’s ‘Light’. As the collaborative output of JFO and Sativa, BFM tracks stay true to their Killa P tagline. This pair are undoubtedly the bumbaclart best at making those minimal grime heaters. Don’t believe me? Go and listen to ‘Emperor’ and ‘Frogger’ on HDX [Don’t get too attached though, I believe only 20 got pressed]. Give these guys a sub, a snare, a couple of hats and one pad and they can turn it into a stripped back banger no sweat. It’s the sub design on ‘Light’ that really blows me away, it’s got those almost Bandulu like qualities to it, guaranteed to get your subwoofer working hard.

Glassy have really hit the nail on the head with this release. Juan can only see big tings on the horizon for both the imprint and all the artists currently affiliated with it. You’d be a fool to not grab.


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