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IFSDIGI014 - Hella

The next instalment of the Infernal Sound digital release series sees Hella join the fold with a varied three-tracker.

It's been slightly over a year since the Infernal gang has been offering digital-only releases, and it's been interesting watching how the series develops.

Making the most of the more flexible format, IFS has welcomed 13 new artists to the label over the last year - with a stand-out remix EP that dropped earlier in 2022.

IFSDIGI014 marks Hella's debut with the label and showcases his comprehensive skillset when it comes to bassweight, providing vocals for the A-track as well as all of the production.

All three tracks have a sinister approach to minimalism, with plenty of breathing space in the tracks that give them a foreboding and ominous feel.

The A-side 'Back up' kicks off the release with Hella's vocals reminding you to "Step back please, just give me some space and let me breathe." The lyrics allude to that production style mentioned above but would also make the track a good PSA tune halfway through the rave when the elbows start coming out.

The title track 'Dare I say' takes the minimalism up a notch, pure eyes down business. This is the tune for you if you're a fan of Commodo's Black Acre releases.

The stand-out tune for me is the final track, 'Foul Play'. It's still drawing on the qualities of the other tunes but delves into the slightly grimier territory and emphasises the bassline to harness the track's energy.


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