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Juan Reviews: Gru Var - Gru Var EP [SDAF004]

Subdamage Audio

After a stressful battle with the pressure that comes with writing a debut EP, Gru Var’s SubDamage Audio release is finally (almost) with us! The EP features 3 tracks that showcase his own personal flavours of music and an insight into who he is and where his production is currently at. The EP includes a heavily swung, low end garage heater, a deep and dark metallic face melter and a busy melodic 140 track cleverly littered with percussion and beautiful twinkly sounds -somewhat reminiscent of an old-skool Icicle track.

‘Merked' is the deep garage track on the EP and it’s truly is an awesome track that really throws you straight back into 2002 (in a good way), conveying that dark, stripped back garagey sound that birthed Dubstep all those years ago. It is characterized by low warpy basses, shuffling drums, complex sound design and clever usage of space.

‘Ode to Mud’ introduces us to Gru Var’s darker side. His use of huge, wonky synths with heavy reverb alongside the immaculate, riddem-esque flow of the track contribute to making this the deep, dark and atmospheric schwenger that it is. I particularly like the percussion in this one, they’re so spacious and well placed and compliment the rest of the track perfectly.

‘Going East’ brings us something a little different from Gru Var, it’s a beautiful melodic 140 track with a precise assembly of lots of different elements that ensure the track remains busy and constantly entertaining. This tune is just so vibey, absolutely perfect for smoking a number with a beer in hand under the sun with your mates, do not sleep on this one.

Overall this EP marks the start of an exciting journey and very bright future for Gru Var, certainly a producer you can’t afford to dismiss.

Gru Var:

SubDamage Audio:

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