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Juan Reviews: LSN - Control EP Pt.2 [UA029]

UA029 LSN - Control EP Pt.2

If you’ve ever been for a walk on a dark night in the north of Wales, you may have heard reverberations of bassweight and haunting lyrics echoing throughout the mountains. Have no fear though, for this is merely LSN in their natural habitat doing what they do best. Returning yet again on Seven’s mighty Uprise Audio imprint, the second edition of the ‘Control EP’ should tickle all the erogenous zones for all you discerning bass music junkies out there. Spread across four tracks, this follow up to 2017’s ‘Control Pt.1 EP’, delves through the full spectrum of LSN’s different sounds. Echoing its predecessor, ‘Pt.2’ plays with different BPMs and rhythmic swings to put forward a very diverse EP. Where ‘Bust Dat’ is a certified dubstep schwenger, ‘Doom Dream’ is a hypnotic boombap-esque trip hop anthem. Two big tunes, two avenues in the sound. The spaced-out vocals of Simetra bridge the gap and really help cement ‘Pt.2’ as a really tight project. With a trio like LSN who embrace their versatility; the ethereal vocals are a really nice way to join up the dots.

'Hard To Find' premiere courtesy of InReachCo

It’s always difficult trying to figure out stand out tracks at the best of times, but with such a broad ranging release it’s even trickier. Personally, I lean heavily towards ‘Hard to find’. Clocking in at around 85 BPM, this is a historic occasion. The first time Juan has opted for something not at the golden bpm. It’s a spaced-out masterpiece that fully encapsulates the eyes down head bopping musical aesthetic that tickles Juan in all the right places. The razor-sharp breaks that come in after the second drop complement the haunting Simetra vocals that echo across the track. All the tracks have Juan’s seal of approval, but ‘Hard to find’ is the jewel in the crown of the ‘Control EP Pt.2’

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Special shouts to Beca Roberts

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