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Juan Reviews: Emti - Black Opium EP [SC006]

Emti - Black Opium EP

Emti - Black Opium EP

If you don’t know about Nottingham's Emti as of yet, then you better get to know ASAP, cos this guys work rate is through the roof. And if you trust Juan’s word (which I hope you do by now), you’ll definitely want this one on your USB’s. With previous releases from ‘Cosmos’ and ‘Blumey’, today marks the day Siege Collective welcomes this member of Juan’s extended family to their roster with his debut EP, titled ‘Black Opium’. To have only been producing for about 2 years, Emti’s production skills are way ahead of his time, ranging along the 140 spectrum, from the wonkiest of grime to the deepest of dubstep.

This three track EP delves into all things deep and dubby, and would sound mukky on my dormant ex-carnival speakers that are yet still to be dusted off and brought back into the mix. Going straight in with the title track, ‘Black Opium’, Emti really sets the bar high for this EP (and the bass octaves low), this one will definitely have the heads bopping subconsciously to this banger. The use of the female vocals on this track throughout the track, fading in and out, escorts it’s listener’s down a deep and dark path, straight to the heart of dubstep we know and love over here at Juan HQ.

'Black Opium' Premiere

Nature is calling in “Rain Dance“and I am following. It really feels like your sitting round a blazing fire, deep in the Amazonian forests, surrounded by the native countrymen showcasing their ancient rituals, to you, the foreigner. A deep sub and smooth bongo’s really set the tone in this one, a definite favourite of mine and I guarantee will make it into most of my sets (when I eventually teach oneself to mix). The sample on the drop will forever cause my face to form its natural bass appreciation phase.

And finally, the last track really rounds off the project. A collab with P Nut on ‘Drinkin’ Forties’ is a little different than the other tunes, however brings in some very clever sampling of Saul Williams’ ‘Amethyst Rocks’ combined with a winding flute which is extremely pleasing to the ears.

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