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Juan Forté presents: 'Who's doing bits?' 003

Photo Credit: Henrik Fjoord Photography

Welcome to 'Who's doing bits?' volume 3. After a little hiatus Juan is back with a who's who of people currently active in a major way in the global sound system movement. As per usual, alphabetical ordering cos we love them all and don't have favourites.


Baku Birmingham based staple member of The Higher Society (THS), we recently took notice of Baku after trying to ID some of his dubs currently doing the rounds, including on J:Kenzo's RinseFM show. It would seem his more current productions have drawn influences from traditional dub sounds meaning they’ve complimented the recent warmer weather nicely at Juan HQ.


Chief Kaya

Chief Kaya came onto Juan's radar when he joined The Cosmos and Grundy on their Low Figures project (hold tight for something special soon), but this guy has been making certi beats for tiiime. Look no further than his forthcoming Version Collective release 'Emperor Dub' - sounds like some mad combination of Goth Trad and Loefah. Badbwoy producer for sure!



Drumterror has concocted a soulful diamond from the mechanical rough of Dalek One's Mumble Dub. His remix adds emotion where there was only the screwface of appreciation, opening the heart and raising the trigger fingers at once. As one half of Six Sunsets and a Shitty entrepreneur, his efforts in the dubstep community are making big waves.



Well hot damn if you ain’t heard of Glume yet it’s time to pull your head out. Guy is making some of the bookiest tunes about, think Gantz but two tabs deeper. -



Originally hailing from Ghana, Keyzuz gets the honour of the first 'Who's doing bits?' entry featuring a mix. She came onto the radar via r/RealDubstep with her Torstraßen 2018 mix, blends so clean they'll make you weep. Unfortunately it's not possible for us to link an Instagram account on here, but go check out some clips of her live-sets over via @Keyzuz



Shout out to Arta for getting Edinburgh’s Khromi on Juan’s Radar. If you like your beats full of soul then this is the guy for you. Truly a master of spaced out broken garage and everything else in between.



Came across this guy in Too Much Collective’s ‘Various Artist Vol 1.’ His entry ‘Shaken’, is some next level minimal genius. I have no idea what he made that snare with, but it sounds like it may have come with a warning label.



Manchester’s Maes is definitely one of the kings of bringing the vibes to whichever strand of the bass music he’s playing with. First came on the radar with a FKOF free download. Unfortunately Juan’s memory is in a permanent state of haze so its name escapes me. It was 120bpmish and dubby bliss though. This free download, hosted by Subgarden, channels those Chord Marauder energies and is a straight Percy



It’s about time this guy was on the list. Notts based producer, DJ, and all round top guy Reaction, has been on Juan’s radar for a while now; mainly from the top of the range tuna that consistently pops up on his platforms. Listening to his recent showreel it’s apparent Reaction’s tunes are capable of catering for any occasion from a sunny bbq session to a dingy basement retreat. Plus, what’s even better is he’s a producer that’s just as dangerous from behind the 1s & 2s...


Soul Bass Project

A brotherly duo based outta Leicester and Leeds. Their recent 'Falling Upright' EP on SmallPrint Recordings is still a permanent favourite over at Juan HQ. Soul + Bass = Good.

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