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Juan Presents: Chameleon Audio - Colours V/A [Review + Premiere]

Colours V/A

A good friend of Juan recently bought a pet chameleon. Despite this particular one having a little bit of a temper, the chameleon is undoubtedly a fascinating creature. With the ability to change colour in under twenty seconds depending on its mood, the chameleon is certainly the perfect metaphor to the sounds Chameleon Audio have been pushing over their last 40 releases. Not bound by genre, bpm or style, Triple S’ imprint is truly one of the best at tying together various different threads within the underground music scene.

The ‘Colours’ compilation is no exception to this rule. From the square laden grime of Aranha’s ‘Busty St. Claire’ [shout out my Simpsons crew] to the spaced-out grooves of Particle’s ‘Blue Smoke’, there’s enough variety of tuna in this release to feed a family of 15.

The variety on this tape is hella refreshing. We are constantly bounced between different sub sections of the 140 spectrum whilst listening to this compilation, and with each tune you'll find your shoulders bobbing in a different kinda way. From the murky oscillating horns (I can't quite tell if thats what they are) on the intro on Khabs' 'F47', draws you in for sweet little drum pattern, sweeter than grandmamas' apple crumble, when the beat drops. To the skippy Stimpy and Scruface-esque violins used in 'Morpheous' by Defiant, which has got me reminiscing about first spitting bars on the basketball court back in high school. Good times... I digress, the variety is what makes this collections of tunes what is,

Obviously, with 15 tracks featured it’s hard to do all tunes justice with a review. All I can say is that none of them disappoint, making ‘Colours’ a vital addition to the collections of DJs and listeners alike. Whether you like aggy dubstep, 2 step infused bouncy grime or lively 135bpm groovers, I can guarantee there’s something you’ll like on this release.

Because it’s hard to talk about 15 tracks at length, all we can say is go and cop it now:


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