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It's been a while! Dusting off the typewriter for this juiced up release.

Brainjuice, the brainchild of Leeds stalwarts Peaky Beats and Vel, comes in all guns blazing. It'll have your neurotransmitters firing from start to finish and inject a healthy dose of dopamine to any set you're playing.

The release is characterised by swinging low end, lively percussion and a healthy dose of horror movie samples. With a large amount of outboard gear at their disposal, PB and Vel get a natural warmth to emanate through the tracks. Even when you're listening to the digital clips, the tracks have a real sense of colour - nothing feels overly processed or flat.

Stepping into the release, you have the eponymous BRAINJUICE - a tasty garage number with a serious kick and some juicy wubs. Sharing the A-side is GETUDRUNK, and yep, that is the sample you think it is. 2-step with love-drunk humps, who'd have guessed?

B1 OTHER BOIS is my percy on the release - the low-end thumps, and I'm taking odds on it shutting down the dance when we get back into it. B2 KILLA takes things up a notch, unleashing breaky wrath - also highly likely to shut things down. You could probably just leave the B side playing while you go smoking area for a bit to be honest; the crowd won't even be mad.

All in all, the Brainjuice project is off to a solid start. The right amount of groove leads to a unique and varied approach to audible liquid neural replenishment.

If you want to secure it for your crate, head over to the Peaky Beats website and grab the pre-order!


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