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SEM007 - WZ

Soul Ex Machina welcomes WZ back to the imprint for the seventh instalment of their main series.

Based out of Brno, Czech Republic, the Soul Ex Machina gang have been releasing heavyweight tunes for the best part of five years now.

Not bound by bpm, bassweight is the glue that holds their back catalogue together. SEM tracks will always hit you in the chest, whether it's some juiced-up jungle or a straight-up dubstep wobbler.

WZ is back on the label after a free download release with them a couple of years ago.

WZ has been going from strength to strength over the last few years, producing some of the best dubstep tracks out there.

The king of keeping it spacey, WZ's productions are distinctly on the minimal side and are driven by their rib cage rattling basslines.

SEM007 is WZ at his best, both tracks characterised by spaciousness and sub.

4real is the more ethereal of the two tracks, with haunting pads and vocal samples complementing the essential grooves.

G'Dub may be one of the best tracks of 2022. WZ showcases his mastery of the minimal, giving us a lesson in hypnotic head nodders.

It's the little things in life that give it colour. And that's what WZ is really good at recreating in his tracks. G'Dub will send you into a trance, but there are those little textures like a quick off-time snare to pull you out for a fraction of a second before sending you back in.

Those subtle variations are what make G'Dub great. Adding variety while letting the track breathe is what dubstep is all about.

Big, big release from Soul Ex Machina and WZ. This one is out for digital download on the 22nd of July. Make sure you grab it.


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