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Peaky Beats - CATDUBS001

There's a fierce two-tracker from Peaky Beats on its way shortly. Dropping exclusively from the Peaky Beats website on Friday, 25th March, this one is well worth copping.

I managed to get a copy of this back at Juan's 5th birthday bash last year, so I've had a chance to give the tracks a good few spins and see how they work in sets.

These are quintessential Peaky Beats tracks. The use of outboard gear in the production cycle gets a nice natural warmth to both sides, which juxtaposes nicely with the grittiness of the tracks themselves.

Both sides remind me of 2008/2009 Soul Jazz releases to an extent. The A-side, Nine lives, has a synth reminiscent of an older Kutz tune, and the drum work reminds me of some of the 140 breaks tracks that Cluekid put out on the imprint. I found this one was great for transitioning from dubstep schwengers to slightly more chilled out breakbeat tracks.

The B-side, Dubplate, is a steppier number with some serious oscillations. This is the one to draw for when you want to get the crowd skanking. The drums on this one are impeccable, and the high hat does an awful lot for injecting that next batch of energy when it's required.

If you want to secure CATDUBS001 for your crate, head over to the Peaky Beats website and grab the pre-order!


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