Peaky Beats continues in fine style with the sixth release on his PBR imprint. A man of the people as ever, Peaky welcomes Papa Nugs to the label with the lively 'That Day' on the A2.

This one's another vinyl-only release, with 800 units up for grabs. It has been in the shops for a couple of weeks, so it's worth moving quickly if you want to secure your copy.

The release art has switched slightly from the previous PBR releases, which were hand-stamped white labels. PBR006 comes with a full artwork sleeve, which is always a nice touch.

The release warms up with 'Round this town', a full-bodied UKG track destined for the summer parties. The sunny vibes continue on the A-side with 'That Day', ramping up the energy levels with juiced-up drums and a thumping bassline.

Flick the record over, and you'll find yourself on a more ominous path. 'Show yourself' kicks off with a haunting Death Note vocal sample before launching you down the bumpy 2-step vortex.

The B1's fierce bassline gives you a glimpse of what you'll get when the needle glides through to the B2 'Naboo', which pulls no punches with the low-end.

Spaced out and minimal, 'Naboo' is layered with subtle textures taken from the podracers in The Phantom Menace. Those samples coupled with the low-end that's thiccer than Jabba the Hutt make 'Naboo' an essential.

This one is out now, so make sure you grab your copy from the Peaky Beats website!