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Juan Forté x SDLR Presents: Movin' Grimey with Mayday


Here at Juan, we have made it clear what we like: Carcass rattling bass, banshee reverbs, cavern delays, crackin’ snares and large kicks. But we felt it’s about time to start showing some more love and pay more homage to Dubstep’s sister-sound, Grime.

As we know Dubstep and the late 00’s sound played a huge part in helping Grime find its place in the world. The transition away from garage instrumentals, gradually developed into the iconic UK sound we hear today. So with that being said, here is a brand new Juan Forté dose of reviews & profiles on fresh, independent UK Grime artists straight from the underground. We’ll be putting the spotlight on both MC’s & Producers, covering the sounds & the bars. For this first edition we had a sit down and a good think about what we wanted to deliver. We wanted our first profile to be someone with a fresh flow, fresh sound, with a new swing on the audible stamp grime has already put on the world map. There was only really one guy that could step up to this at the time – Man like Mayday.

Hailing from Birmingham city, Last November Juan family SDLR saw this guy persistently pushing the video for his latest single “Lead My Team”. Produced by Doncaster grime don Mistakay, absolutely beautiful melody’s follow tastefully deep subs and percussive rhythmic swings, combined with a totally new refreshing flow of lyricism. We loved the change. A lot of grime can be, well - respectfully said – peppered with slang, sends, and disses. Breaking from this mould, Mayday clearly highlights that poeticism and spoken-word style bars can be effective within the grime sound. It was an all-round absolutely massive track and was quickly met by a forward thinking EP.



Ahead of his brand new EP “RAINWORLDKING” (released 1st of March – Links below) we took the time to ask Mayday what got him into pursuing grime as both a passion and a career choice:

“I was tired of hearing the same old music, I had a story to tell and nothing to lose. So far I have enjoyed every single step of the journey!”

Being in the music game for just over a year, Mayday received a massive response to “Lead My Team”. He had already tested the waters with his first EP “Enigmatic Zodiac”. Our strongest tracks off this first release have to be “Disturbance” [Produced by PKBrako] & “Dun Changed” [Prod. Mistakay]. “Enigmatic Zodiac” set some distinctive levels as to what to expect from the brand new EP when it dropped.



Mayday is out here doing things differently. Deviating from some of the stigmas that follow grime and its movement whilst still duppying the crowds, the system sounds and getting those solid EP’s out to the world. Mayday shows us there can be some heart in the lyricism of grime, without detaching from the gritty sounds of grime instrumentals. The guy really is putting in serious time into his musical journey considering he’s only been pushing it a year or so. We finally asked if there were any situations or thought processes that pushed him over the fence into the world of grime, he said:

“Everyone has a story to tell, and people have their own way of interpreting it, I have had a mad life so far but it’s all relatable stuff. Sometimes with people it’s nice to know you’re not alone with certain things and is comforting to them to know others have been through the same. I wanted to be a DJ originally, but learning or finding a mentor was not going well at all. With becoming an MC I was already spitting bars to myself anyways. If I’m listening to something you can almost guarantee you’ll catch man down the street gun-finger in the air spitting bars to myself, just how I have been for time, so I thought it would be sick to have my own flow, and to control crowds”


So if none of that showed you that Mayday is a geeza to look out for this year, you must be mad! Man’s going in, and looks set to keep going indefinitely. You can cop Maydays NEW 6 track EP ”RAINWORLD” on most outlets at the link below, as well as all the socials. “RAINWORLDKING”


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