Bandcamp No Fee Friday - Small Selectjuan

Updated: Jan 23

Easy everyone, if you've been anywhere near any internet-enabled device today you'll no doubt know that Bandcamp has waived their fees for the day, letting artists keep the full amount of any purchases. This is by no means a comprehensive buyers guide for today, plenty of those exist elsewhere. But if you're looking to make a couple of purchases, then the releases in this post will give you the bang for your buck!


The king of ethereal floaty beats has a whopping 7 tracks out today. Some classics in there including 'MIMICME' and 'SHortsighted'. Always a sucker for the unheard stuff, I was blown away by LAZYDAZE when making the above video. His classically trained background really drives though in this one, with some absolutely haunting melodies. The interspersing of steel drums adds another dimension to the track. It'll make sense when you're just sitting around the house hiding from Corona, but will still see you through when we're all allowed to leave again and you can make it to a beach.

Drumterror - Isolate/Congregate