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Ourman [DUPLOC035]

And we back, and 2020 is already off to a great start with a lot of people doing the absolute most in the ever-expanding dubstep scene we know and appreciate. With the release of JUAN 002 imminent, the writing camp over at Juan HQ have strapped back on their thinking caps in order to provide y’all heads some quality releases that our compatriots in the scene are churning out at ridiculous rates, the scene is flourishing and we love it.

Today’s instalment brings to light a relatively new producer to the scene, Ourman, hailing from the city of love, for DUPLOC’s 35th release. This is a series bursting with dubstep flavours all over the spectrum from the genres hottest up and comers, and Ourman made such an impression with his DUPLOC SELECTS release, they had to bring him back for an EP release. Following on from a recent sub-fuelled remix of Just B’s ‘Sandman’ for the upcoming Duploc War Dubs album celebrating the Belgian outfit’s 5th anniversary as a label, Ourman brings the heat with this EP.

‘Sp00ns’ really plays to Ourman’s strengths, his history and confidence with instruments are apparent in this tune. The guitar hits hard, giving the tune an almost western twang to it. Coupled with the droplet-esque ‘snare’ the two sounds blend together perfectly to give you the best introduction to that sweet sub when it kicks you in the face. Become one with the bass, don’t fight it.

On the flip we have ‘Bad Things’, which has Ourman swinging into outer space for the influences that we can hear under the surface of this one. ‘Bleeps’ and ‘bloops’ combing with a less clean hitting sub, but equally as unnerving when played at the correct volume (tu[r]n it up). ‘Sp00ns’ plays the part of the head bopper on this EP, whereas ‘Bad Things’ makes you wanna jump in the middle and skank, a true wobbler. And that second drop literally will take you to another planet.

Big release from Ourman and the Duploc family!

Available to purchase and stream now.

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