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Duploc - War dubs

Praise Jah that we have music to guide and soothe our souls during these testing times because if we didn't, I don't quite know what I would do with myself with all this free time. In today's instalment of Juan Reviews, we want to draw your attention to a tasty little album put together by our pals over at Duploc. The team have carefully selected 12 of their (ph)fattest previous releases and given them the exclusive remix treatment, in honour of hitting the milestone of 5 years as a label. With remixes from Rygby, Ternion Sound, and Ourman, Duploc have delivered the goods, making this album a solid addition to my dubstep collection.

Over in the Juan camp, we have selected one of our favourites (we couldn't do them all), for the Juan(ce) over which you can have a look and listen to over on our newly designed YouTube page, hold tight Beavs on the revamp. The track we've singled out is the remix of DUPLOC021 by Ternion Sound, entitled 'Yellow and Grey', with Coltcuts on remix duties. This release resonates with me because it has infused two 140 genres that I hold in highhhh regard, providing us with what I would like to call grime infused dub gloriousness. This tune has all the staples of a solid dub track, a simple melody, a deep hard-hitting bass-line and a wub that'll lick off any head top clean. As the tune progresses, it's grime influence starts to shine through, when the steady kicks morph into stabbing ones and give the track that skippy flow. 

What makes a good remix, in my opinion anyway, is when the remixing artist doesn't try and overload the original with too many new sounds which results in a crowded sound space. Coltcuts is not guilty of this. He has made just enough changes to the track to keep it fresh, while still paying homage to Ternion Sounds initial efforts. Straying from the norm, Coltcuts is definitely on his Royal mail ting and brought us a tasty little remix.

Check out the rest of the tunes here:

Download via Bandcamp →

Download via JunoDownload →

Download via Beatport →

Stream via Spotify →


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