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Chad Dubz - Dope Sh*t/Aaliyah [HOTPLATES004]

Hotplates Recordings mark their fourth venture into the world of wax with a two-tracker from Bristol's Chad Dubz. It's the first time we've run features for the guys at Hotplates, so if you're not familiar with them - highly recommend you check them out! Making movements from early 2018, these guys didn't just appear on the scene; they came fully strapped with a boisterous debut release from Otz, Causa and Conzi. 001 was instant cop material, and that's kind of been Hotplates' modus operandi ever since — one of those rare labels that's managed to cultivate respect in a short space of time. You could buy their records blind and know you're getting something worthwhile.

The fourth release doesn't deviate from this path. Cramming an awful lot of firepower into 8 minutes of tunes - Chad Dubz delivers on that Hotplates guarantee.

Opening the release with 'Dope Sh*t', Chad wastes no time and gets your subwoofer twerking after a short cameo from Snoop Dogg. It's one of those tunes that doesn't relent its grip. As soon as it gets going that's it - it starts showering you with fierce 808s and sparkly synth leads, and it hooks you. A shower scene psycho synth twists in and out to make sure you don't get lost entirely in those glistening highs. Top drawer.

Flipping the record over gives you 'Aaliyah' - a tune cut from a similar cloth to 'Dope Sh*t', but with less emphasis on the highs and a more sub driven groove. Where 'Dope' grabs you energetically by the collar, 'Aaliyah' slips its arm gently around your shoulder. You'll be grooving to it, but you won't quite remember how you got there. Close your eyes and vibe out kinda track.

Big release from the Hotplates camp!

Releases on the 30th of October 2019.


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