Tik&Borrow - Functions EP [In:Flux 050]

In:Flux Functions EP
Functions EP

The 'Functions EP' is now the second time we've broken bread with the dons over at In:Flux Audio. A few months back we hosted Arkwrights seriously beefy remix of Imajika's 'Spare Change' over on our YouTube channel for the 'Cap'n Morgan EP'. We now have another EP in front of us, this time from label head honchos Tik&Borrow!

I'm always a big fan of the EP format. It affords a more in-depth insight into the releasing artist and gives a great sense of the musical direction they are taking and the influences they draw on. The split between original artist and remixes on the 'Functions EP' mirrors the format In:Flux has been fine-tuning across their discography. It works great for the DJ: You buy one release and get a variety of styles. It works great for the music geek: You buy one release and get to delve into the nuances between production styles.

It's also great for your humble author. I don't need to think too hard about how to format this review. I'll go for the classic 'dea