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SBK - Kingdom Of Sobek EP [LOCUSV001]

Bristol's Locus Sound Recordings give 4 heavyweight tunes the wax treatment. Unique in format, but not unique in substance- the release delivers all the fundamentals you've come to expect from the Locus boys, this time reinforced by the creative flair of Canada's SBK. Starting off strong on the A-side is 'We're From The Desert', a collaboration with Ourman. Keeping true to the titular theme, a permeating oud sample dances around 808s and squarewaves like a horned viper in the Sahara, reinforcing the ancient Egyptian inspirations hinted in the release's title and iconography*.

Joining 'Desert' on the A-Side is one of SBK's singular productions - '3 Million Stones'. Riding similar waves to it's fellow A-side track, 'Stones' draws heavily on those driving 808s and perfunctory Arabian samples. Changing it up ever so slightly for the B1, 'Inferno' paradoxically brings a calmer energy to the release. Heads down lighters up kinda tune.

I'm a huge fan of the closing track, 'Lead Dem Pace' - a collaboration with Quasar. Etching it's way into your brainplate whilst the bassline blasts it's way into your chestplate , a demoniacal vocal loop twists it's way delicately through sparse flute samples and bass stabs. Bump this one when summoning your demon of choice. *If you ain't a budding Egyptologist or spiritualist, Sobek is an ancient Egyptian god - usually depicted as half crocodile/half human (shouts to SBK for making my history degree come in useful for once).

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