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Soul Bass Project - Cybernetic EP [MAW007]

Hopefully by now you’re fairly well acquainted with Soul Bass Project. If you aren’t, just type their name into the search bar above or into YouTube and you’ll soon find out a lot about them – we’ve been working with them fairly closely for around a year now and are always gassed when that Soul Bass new new lands in the inbox ready for reviewing.

The ‘Cybernetic EP’, which dropped on the 3rd of June and is now available for purchase, marks Soul Bass’ debut outing on Leicester based Might As Well records and the imprint’s second EP dedicated to 140bpm smoothness.

As can be expected, the EP draws on many different styles and techniques across it’s 4 tracks – from the hypnotic pads and ever present hats of ‘Cybernetic’ through to the swung out chimes of ‘Memories’. A quintessential Soul Bass release.

It’s not often you can chat about social commentary when reviewing dubstep tunes, but there’s definitely something that can be said about this EP and Soul Bass’ wider output taping into something bigger than the dancefloor. A quick look at the release’s artwork and the track names give you a sense that the Soul Bass lads are trying to tap into some of the more deeper-rooted questions that modern society raises. The beauty of the release comes in its dearth of vocals or vocal samples, which means that the tunes can only posit those questions and not answer them for you. It also means that on the dancefloor, the tunes are tunes. But deep into a chin-stroke listening session (or writing a review), the tunes take on a deeper meaning.

Overall another stellar release from Soul Bass Project. These guy’s keep moving from strength to strength and it’s always a pleasure to be part of that journey!

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