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Monir - Collusion EP [MOre Cowbell 001]

We’ve got our hands on something a little bit different for you with this review - More Cowbell’s debut release with Manchester’s Monir on the buttons. A very consolidated EP, Monir and the MC gang manage to touch upon the old and the new with the release. The names are all new, but the sound that permeates the tracks is of older lineage. When I listened for the first time, there was definitely the evocation of a tinge of nostalgia – harking back to late 2013/ early 2014 when I was taking my first steps onto the dancefloors of the UK underground and the likes of Wen and Swamp81 where at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It was that sound that never fully consolidated itself into a fully-fledged genre and could be referred to as anything from techno through to grime. It seems to be this historical context that Monir drew upon when crafting the tunes for this release. There’s a little bit of everything from the UK hardcore continuum packaged into each track, neatly presented at c. 130bpm. Each song drives forward with broken pace and low swung bass, adeptly blending elements of techno, dubstep, grime and 2-step. For those who have been following More Cowbell’s journey from Facebook group to a more tangible music brand, the Collusion EP should come with few surprises. The sounds promoted in the EP are the sounds that the More Cowbell gang have been pushing for the last year or so now. With such a wide pool of talent to draw from alongside a well-defined mission statement for reigniting the flame of a lost sound I can’t see the More Cowbell imprint slowing down anytime soon.


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