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Syndicate Sundays: Who’s Doing Bits Vol.1

'Who's Doin Bits' has been on hiatus for a long time now. In my defence, we've been very busy - what with all the JUAN001s and Sheffield events and that. Still, apologies for people who don't know what's good until they read it here (you the real MVPs).

You may notice that we've moved the clock back on the WDB volume numbers - but there's a good reason for that.

The format is irreversibly changed from now on!

In order to show the inner workings of the Juan Forté Syndicate I now hold a gun to every Juan member's head and make them give me a name of someone they're feeling at the moment. Oh, how they bitch and moan about how hard it is to choose just one name etc. etc., but it gets done eventually.

SO, as is the tradition with a WDB I now assure you that the next one won't be too far around the corner. Except this time... well, this time it'll only take as long as it takes me to get DØTT to stop billin' zoots and Fonz to stop recording blends to flex in Dubstep Vinyl Collectors.


Beavs' Selection: R@

A recent addition to mine and Juan's radar through long-time plug and senior juandem Shampoo. R@ has just been killing the synth game as of late. He has dubs on top of dubs and his releases on Circadian Rhythms and Plasma Abuse lick my head off on the daily.


Brizzy's Selection: Crowley

I've been devoting a lot more of my time to the ol' Soundcloud feed as of late and Crowley was one of them boys that I saw popping up a lot with his remix of Hypho's 'Kevin' for the Infernal mix comp. I couldn't resist a little dig and now i'm hooked on his sub laden grooves.


Tbh Soundbwoy Killah should have been on this list tiiiime ago. It's no secret within the Juan circle that i've been devoting a lot more time to the breaks these days and I always find myself drawing for that killer Killah whenever I need to shut down whichever bedroom, radio or rave I find myself in.


Fonz's Selection: KRSLD

I first spotted KRSLD through his Noods Radio show and was instantly drawn in by his intricate and technical blends. Then I found his tunes on soundcloud and boy oh boy are they juicy. I've always had a penchant for 4x4s and breaks so KRSLD's methodical weaving of tight percussion resonates with me on another level.


Jackson has been on my radar for tiiiime now, seems only fair to include him in this edition. I think it was his release on Well Rounded that initially sucked me in, but it was the 'Badman' release on Moss' Low End music that fully had my pants down. I don't think I've played a set without it in since it's release.


Saneen is sitting on serious weight. His tune Rukkus, consisting of low groaning subs, skippy percussion and hair-raising atmospheres, encapsulates everything you need to get a dance floor grooving and a sound system moving. He's already had support from the scene's titans, so he's one to watch with keen interest.


Bare hard to notice links in this WDB. Click on the Syndicate names to take you through to the best way to get in touch with them for any reason.

Artists name link to their soundcloud pages which you should definitely start following.

Until next time,

Juan love xo


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