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BFM/JFO & Glume - Unititled/Dusk Riddim [STRCTv001]

The dons over at Strictly 140 are coming in strong with their fifth release, taking the imprint on its first vinyl-based outing!

Strictly regulars BFM and JFO are jointed by debutante Glume, with two grime-infused minimal bangers that are primed to take off headtops in a dance near you soon.

BFM (JFO & Sativa) are no strangers to Strictly, having previously packed heat with 'Overproof' on 'The Contrast EP' last year. 'Untitled' flows with those distinctly BFM sounds, reverbed eastern strings cascade around swooping low end. There's no question that these guys have one of the most distinct sounds in the scene right now. Whether it's the Killa P vocal tag or the recognisable Levantine soundscapes they play with - you always know it's a BFM track and you always know it's about to cause a mayhem inna dance.

Glume is undeniably on the scene's most closely watched right now, and for a good reason. He brings some of the juiciest low-end it's possible to muster to any track he touches. 'Dusk Riddim' is definitely slightly different to Strictly's usual fare, bringing a somewhat more overt 'dubstep' flavour to the back catalogue. It's a belter, though. Intricate minimalism at it's finest. Dancing hats play off each other as the bassline hit's your chestplate with 12 gauge slugs of unadulterated sub. I'm always a sucker for spacey detailing as well, so that sporadic reverbed Vangelis style pad triggers my brain's gas receptors.

Look out for this one dropping on the 2nd of October!


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