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Scooped - Worldwide Slaughter EP [SUBA004]

Amid another unpredictable British summer, we have been blessed with some summery vibes from across the continent to get us through to what is going to be a very special Outlook. Vienna’s own Sub Audio on their fourth release of their bass music escapades, present to for the people, Scooped - Worldwide Slaughter EP, the perfect soundtrack to accompany a piña colada on the Croatian seaside. 

A release well set in the roots of bass music, following the classic formula of a dub release. A poignant dub track, transporting you into a dub universe, spiritually, mentally, physiologically… you get where I'm going with this. This release sits well with me, I can just remember being a kid and being showed dub cuts of tracks, which the second track Worldwide Dub encapsulates so well. The use of the cross-fader effects, dub-sirens, chopping and twanging of the lyrics, by Scooped, is a pure example of timeless dub music and reminiscent of the tracks that defined an era. With the reggae tones of Danny Ranks, one of Austria’s biggest names, which earned him pilgrimage to Jamaica whereby he made of his most far reaching tracks which aided in putting him on the map back in Austria and Germany.

What I love about music is its ability to be adapted. In this new age of dubstep, a single release can cover over 50 years. The Dubbing Sun remix brings us from the early days right back up into the present day, paying homage to the original, but adding the gritty flavour of the more modern adaptations of the genre and its surrounding influences. With the echoing effect elongated just that little longer to create an almost eerie feel before the bass comes before the first drop. And in that drop the signature sub of modern dubstep takes the tune in that direction.

Gnischrew’s remix is a slight contrast to this however, providing a slightly more conservative per say take on the title track, but equally as innovative. In his remix he sways more heavily towards lot to the dub flavours as opposed to the bass spices Dubbing Sun provides in the previous track.

Digital crew, here’s your spot -

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Aug 29, 2019

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