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Dubwoofa, JFO, WENDS & Cid Poitier - N.O.T.E.S [SUBCLEF005]

Sub:Clef curator Cid Poitier is at it again. Now on his fifth release on the South London label, he has stayed true to his mantra, with four expertly curated tracks for the first in his NO.T.E.S series. If you haven’t been following what this guy is doing, then you need to open up your eyes and ears people. With this release, he’s gone big, with numero five marking the return to the fold of the legendary producer Dubwoofa. This being the Norwegian’s first release in over half a decade as well as his Sub:Clef debut, and he’s taking no prisoners, picking up where he left off with two well-produced tracks. The flip features two of Cid Poitier’s archive tracks reimagined by the big bad JFO. This release also comes with some heavenly artwork, paired with a cheeky clear vinyl press.

(Never forget to appreciate the artwork, shout out Colin Ventura on this one)

Dubwoofa kicks off the EP with a pulsating have time stepper, ‘Burn’, a track reminiscent of his early work on the Dub Police outfit. The ominous and classical trope that is a ‘burn the witch’ sample, coupled with a permeating sub and reverbed percussion, guarantees this track will perk ones ears up when its heard dropping from the smoking area. The second tune on the A-side ‘Hexed’ takes a slightly different approach, with ethereal calls and hard punching kicks and snares taking the forefront of the soundscape. Before you know it, you’re lost in the ghostly nature of this tune.

On the flip side, we have JFO on remix duties. Deviating from the sounds brought by Dubwoofa, but not enough so that it disrupts the balance of the EP, JFO has faultlessly reimagined the tunes in such a way that he draws your attention to different aspects of the originals. Featuring vocalist Wends on both of these tracks, ‘Distraction’ makes full use of vocals, drawing away from the stabbing wubs underlying the original, JFO has added a bit of synthy goodness to the stems that compliments the vocals sublimely, giving the track that ethereal quality.

I can feel the heavens calling to me when I slap this through some speakers.

Whereas careful chopping and minimal use of Wends’ vocals, also featured on ‘Circles’, has made for a beautifully crafted remix, drawing you to the harmonies accentuated by JFO. ‘Circles’ is another one you’ll find yourself lost in when you really take it in, its harmonious piano line and ‘clattering’ hats make for an immersive listening experience.

Big ups all those involved on this one!

Available to purchase now.


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