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Surreal - Pique [DUPLOC036]

As Duploc return to their usual two-track format, they welcome back Leeds don Surreal to kick start the digital series back into motion. This week we feature the darker side of the EP, - 'Pique' - on our Youtube. Surreal is no stranger to the scene, with heavyweight affiliations in the scene such as a Deep Medi and Navy Cut. His release on the latter is huge by the way you should definitely check that one out, and he doesn't disappoint marking number 36 in the Dutch outfit's Digi series. 

As a release, this is one well in tune to the recognisable sound of resonating from across the waters. Bursting with energy and cleverly paired with a track that sways to the upbeat and melodic side of the dubstep spectrum. The track paired with 'Pique' features the well known and loved sample from 'La Curuna', also utilised in Timbaland's flip of 'Indian Flute'. Surreal's use of the sampling technique is clearly displayed to a high level in 'Indian Flute'. Opting for a tempo closer to that of the original, allowing it to complement those core dubstep sounds with its Spanish influence, the result being a carefully packaged dubstep record. 

'Pique' switches it up and brings the energy from within, forget melodies for a second, and make way for the bass and a formidable wub that lay the basics for this track. If you need a record to inject some life into your set, or you're trying to keep the energy high, in both scenarios 'Pique' fits the bill. A high octane track for all occasions, is essentially what this track is in essence, and when I finally learn how to mix best believe this will slot neatly into my track-lists. 

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