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SWR - Square Soulja EP [IFS022]

Today's review features a relatively new producer detected on my radar, courtesy of the dependable team at Infernal Sounds for number 22 in their vinyl series; SWR comes in hot with his vinyl debut. 

From Grimey flavours to the darker corners of the dubstep spectrum, this EP covers all angles. Considering SWR's previous release (on Cocobolo records) consisting of a deep-old school and garage track, straight off the bat you can appreciate his range and ability. His intelligent utilisation of silky synths and crispy chimes add layers to this EP, complementing uncomplicated, hard-hitting baselines. 

In its entirety the release flows very well - the tracks effortless blend into each other, giving the EP an all-round sense of continuity. Each song has its a specific defining feature. Starting with grimey synths, the EP slowly descends into the depths of the dubstep cavern. We have the pleasure of hosting the premiere of the title track — see below for the juanimated goods (Shout out my soul brother Beavs) 

Ominous stepper-vibes emanate when bumping 'Vertigo,' while 'Cypher Zero' brings a wobbly synth pattern accompanied by an equally as wobbly and oscillating bass, enough to satisfy all your bass-weight needs when played at the correct volume. The EP concludes by taking it up a notch with the heavy stomper that is 'Isshin's Theme'. I'm getting Samurai Jack connotations from the melody, but that might be cos' I recently started re-watching it. Still, either way, I'd like to think something like SJ or something similar played a part in the creation process of this track — a favourite of mine.

Over in the Juan Camp, we love it when a new producer pops up, I mean, who doesn't love new music? But when their style draws from a plethora of different genres in this eclectic scene we find ourselves, it doesn't half perk up our interest. SWR is undoubtedly one to watch, keep those eyes peeled! 

Release date: 31st July

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Jun 30, 2022
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