Juss B - Bussin/Blow my smoke (Bukez Finezt Remix) [UA034]

Bussin Blow My Smoke Bukez Finezt Remix

My copy of the OG 'Blow my Smoke' gets touched more than Tekashi 6ix9ine on his first day in prison. When a dancefloor needs a surgical injection of 140 ccs of hype, you can't go wrong with UALP007.

Releasing a remix of an already great tune always comes with a risk. Soon as those stems get sent out, it's in the hands of the gods. On the flip side, though, it sometimes lands in the hands of a god - which is what happened here.

Reigning down from his studio which we can only assume is carved into the side of Mount Olympus, Bukez adds that sense of divine retribution to the surgical precision of Juss B. There's always a sense of unpredictability in a Bukez production, and this is undeniably him in his element. The track takes you on a multitude of journeys, at points it's an eyes-down head bopper, and at others, it's a full-on skank inducing groover. The recommended dance move would have to be some frenetic footwork with your eyes closed.

On the flip, we have an original production from Juss B - 'Bussin'. This one is quintessential Juss B and Uprise, in my opinion. You've got those west coast vocal samples which give the track its name, coupled with those fierce bass synths which are a staple of both the artist and the label. Just like the OG of 'Blow My Smoke&#