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Krytikal/L Nix - Spear Dub/Moonbeam (V.V. VIP) [VV-Four]

It's roughly a year since the mighty Vinyl Vigilance graced the juanisphere with their third release from Repulsion and Nova. A lot has changed since then. We released some merch, Brexit threatened to reduce the value of Underhill's record collection and Pay-As-U-Go Cartel reformed. Luckily Vinyl Vigilance have stayed true to their mission of delivering the highest quality connoisseur cuts to discerning dubstep disciples across the globe. Vinyl Vigilynchpin Kemist has been hard at work scouting VV's next few releases - securing some very big names, both old and new. Their next release, dropping late September, comes from none other than Birmingham's Krytikal and Canada's own L Nix. Heads that have been locked in from the sart of VV's journey will undoubtedly recognise this as a quintessential release, championing the sounds of two producers on one plate - A rare, but not completely unheard of, choice in the current era. That's what I like about VV. The way that they structure their releases means that your plate can sit comfortably next to both the new releases and the older releases on labels like Contagious Recordings or Dub Police. My preference is usually to keep them next to my older multi-artist releases because it gives me a huge selection of artists in a relatively small amount of space - An essential tactic when flicking through potential blends at pace when one of the other cartel members has just given me the last couple of bars to play with. Anyway, on with the release:

'Spear Dub' comes in strong on the A-side. Borne out of the hazy mists of dubstep's early days, Krytikal delivers his quintessential blend of bass and space. Staying true to the roots, 'Spear Dub' comes through like a Kung-Fu kick to the chestplate - A worthy successor to last years phenomenal Plantpower release. Flip the release over and you have L Nix performing similar sonic experiments with a switch up in the utilisation of bass and space. Where 'Spear Dub' will fly kick you in the head with it's energies, 'Moonbeams [V.V. VIP]' will bandage you up good and proper with it's hypnotic flow. Huge fan of the use of squares in this - very reminiscent of skepta drawing for tools with Plasticman or Kode 9 trying to find his way. There we have it folks, Vinyl Vigilance have delivered us another plate packed to the brim with the goods. Slated for a September release, we'll keep you up to date with when this Juan is ready to drop!



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