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Who's Doin Bits Vol.2: Juan Inna Jungle Edition

Variety is the spice of life. Here at Juan HQ, we like a little bit of jungle to get the heart rates going in the morning.

with this in mind, I tracked down the various syndicate members in their various lockdown situations and asked them who's doing the most bits for them at 160bpm+ these days. Find out who and why below!

My memory is quite foggy when it comes to the early days of Juan, but I think Berte B and Dillinja - Lionheart was the first jungle track that got spun at one of our nights. Fonz and Dott pon deckle. Out to Jamie Maltby and Tarboush.


Beavs' Selection: Ghosty

Truant seems to have sparked a bit of a desire for mystery in me recently. I've had this one played on repeat for just over a year now, but I can't figure out who the fuck Ghosty actually is.

YouTube will take you down some dead ends and discogs reckons this is the same Ghosty who released on 'TwerkOut Records' in 2013, but I'm not too convinced on that one. Reaper recordings are shrouded in just as much mystery, with Dead Already/Forward the only release on the imprint so far. "freakio_nutbutter" of discogs wonders whether the imprint is anything to do with Tim Reaper (See below) or just a naming coincidence.

Basically, the only thing I can state with any conviction when it comes to Ghosty and Reaper Recordings is the breaks are second to none. You'll have to cop via discogs, but the prices are reasonable.


Brizzy's selection: Charla Green

I discovered Charla Green vicariously through our newly laid roots in Sheffield, and oh what a discovery. Experimenting with BPM’s ranging from 140 right up to 170. Clearly 140 is our forte, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating those breakssss. ‘Holdin On’ which came out last year as a free download is just one example of that jungley goodness Charla can cook up. Keep an eye out people.


Dott's Selection: Sully

I don’t know anywhere near enough about production to try and explain why sully is so good he’s clearly very sick I just can’t enunciate it clearly enough. There's just something about the way he processes his breaks that makes them a pleasure to mix in the dance or in the studio. I think it could be something to do with his like general versatility as a producer - the garage stuff he makes also slaps in the rave. I have a very distinct memory of hearing the chimes in 'Blue' for the first time at an event I've now forgotten everything else about and I think that's what makes him hit home for me - His tunes just transcend everything else when you hear them.


Fonz' Selection: Kid lib

Every so often I go down these Discogs rabbit holes where I’ll right-click releases based on the artwork or suggestions from the trusted comments. Kid lib was one of those finds for me, I instantly gravitated towards his menacing breaks, fat bass lines and interesting use of samples. Also, he's a Sheffield don and that city is producing some of the most majestic tunes of this generation.

Get to know.


Jaya's Selection: Dead Man's Chest

I've been hooked on Dead Man's Chest since his 2016 Trilogy mixtape. It's hard to pin down The defining quality that makes his tracks so fat, but I think it could be the kind of retro-fit aesthetic that permeates them. If you played me one of his tracks and told me it came out in the 90s sometime before I was born, I'd probably believe you - but at the same time there's nothing stale about the production. I guess, really and truly, it's just good fucking Jungle - which transcends any kind of time period.


Underhill's Selection: Tim Reaper

So my story is kinda similar to Fonz', but mine happened in an actual record shop so it's slightly better. I was in Container Records a good few years ago now, and I pulled out the Globex Corp Volume 1. As a big Simpsons fan (and even bigger Hank Scorpio fan) i bought it without even listening to it. And that's how I learnt about Tim Reaper and I've been hooked ever since. There's also something admirable about his work rate - everyone who knows me, knows I like the full collection and fuck me, Reaper sets pace.


That's all for now folks! If you've got any Jungle percies you think we should know about, feel free to get in touch!

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