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Hello all. It's been a hot minute since we ran a 'Who's doing bits?' feature despite promising it would be a fairly regular feature way back in 001. Trust me though, that's not because people have stopped doing bits. It's quite the opposite in fact. Everyone's doing bits at the moment, even Juan himself which may help explain our absence! The format is a little switched up now though. Instead of taking you through 10 producers with 1 track highlighted, we're going to highlight 5 producers and post more of their tracks! Music speaks louder than my keyboard and thesaurus so it makes sense really. Without further ado, here's the 4th edition! Alphabetical order as per usual because everyjuan is sick:


Hailing from Portugal, you may already know 3WA from his outings on After Dark Music or Foundation Audio. He's actually only recently popped up on Juan's radar, but this hasn't stopped him from becoming one of our most watched. His sound is characterised by shuffling percs and bubbling subs. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I don't think I've heard anyone perfect those shuffling percs as well as this since LAS' outings on Innamind. Fight me. 'Old Mount' is fresh off the press. 1 day old at time of writing. This one makes my left leg move uncontrollably.

'Bedouin' is a slightly older vintage, 3 months at time at writing. A haunting skank inducer, those flutes and percs are next level.


Based out in Colorado, you just know that whatever Ego Death is smoking is better than whatever you're smoking. The guy is a king of ephemeral melodies and stripped back bass laden schwengers. CEO of Elemental, he's undoubtedly played a part in helping me find a whole batch of new producers and djs with the expertly curated Elemental mix series over on Soundcloud!

His remix of Kodama's 'Moonlight' was my introduction to his production. That 'storytelling' tag hits the nail on the head. This track moooved me bruv!

'Just Listen' is something of a modern classic in my opinion. That flute combined with that echoed snare. Jheeeeeeese. Meditate on bassweight and then some.


Fiend popped up on my radar through Jack Sparrow's Navy Cut's collaboration with our close friends over at Beneath The Surface a few months back. That signing on Navy Cut should tell you all you need to know really, but in case you need me to reinforce it this guy is doing bits and then some. A true master of space, he hits that oh-so-coveted dubstep sweet spot where the breathing space left in the track gets you moving in different ways.

'Emeralds' is a bit of a percy for me at the moment. Listen and you'll see what I mean about space. How is it possible for such a mellow track to slap me around with such a fierce bassline? It's these mysteries that make Fiend a true harbinger of spicy tracks.

'Jah Hear Me' and 'Missing Link' from the aforementioned Navy Cut release. Play 'Missing Link' at full volume in the middle of the night to knock your neighbour out their bed.


Jon1st has been doing bits for time now. He's widely recognised as a king of turntablism, able to seamlessly blend, juggle and chop his way through any and every genre. If we went through his list of accomplishments and affiliations we would be here for a very long time, trust me. Let's just crack on with the riddims!

'Scatter', a tune built alongside Copenhagen's Shield, is the latest reason for Jon1s to pop up Juan's radar. It's impossible to pigeonhole this track really, its growly but its also euphoric. You know you're onto a winner when the music journos can't stick a label on it! All you really need to know is it slaps very hard. Play this one over a system and transport the crowd to the 5th dimension.

We broke tradition in the last edition by posting a mix from Keyzuz instead of a track and it's only fitting we afford Jon1st the same honour! This one for the fans of the higher bpms. Select your herbal tea of choice, kick back and put this on for the next half an hour. Breakbeats a fly around your living room.


Juan can never condone any form of criminal behaviour. That's why we were horrified to realise that we ourselves had committed a crime by not having yet included Belgium's Zygos in one of these. This guy is the KING of the weird stuff. If you're trying to introduce your grandma to dubstep, it's probably best you don't draw for a Zygos track. If ,however, you're playing a mind melting set in a sweaty basement it's probably best that you DO draw for a Zygos track. Fierce basslines coupled with the bookiest samples always put Zygos tracks onto a winner.

The self-released 'Gutted EP' is undeniable proof that Zygos sits on a throne of weirdness. Booky groovers designed for the deepest and darkest of dancefloors!

Hypnotic frequencies bleed out of 'Bottom Line'. All the best bits of a bad trip rolled in a sub stomping mesmeriser.


There we have it folks. The fourth edition of 'Who's Doing Bits'! Show us a signal if you enjoy these features and feel free to come forward with any suggestions for you think is currently doing things in big ways! 005 is currently underway and will be a lot sooner than previous editions, I promise you. You can reach us via the usual methods: Email Facebook Soundcloud


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