• Juan

What the Dub? Origins of Dubstep (1998-2002)

So last Friday..Bit of a mad juan, but couldn't help notice a number of new heads and the confusion on some of your faces. Therefore we’ve decided to make this weeks ‘What The Dub?’ post about the origins of Dubstep, where we’ll try and give you the lowdown on how the movement was created and the key influencers.

There is quite a bit of information, so Juan thought the best way to present this would be to split it up by years.


Dubstep originated from several genres, going through many evolutions before becoming what we now call Dubstep. The first notable stage was from that of MetalHeadz' Jungle tracks, with the tough sub-bass and eccentric snares, most pioneers of today would admit to this.

“I used to go out to hardcore raves, and then split off into jungle and drum and bass, but drum and bass became homogenised with ‘the liquid’ sound and then suddenly, garage happened. Before the summer holidays in 1997, everyone was into jungle. After the holidays, everyone was into garage. It was that quick.” - Loefah, 2015 Vice Magazine interview