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What the Dub? Growth of Dubstep (2002-2005)

So last week we left you with the formation of Big Apple Records (BAM) and how important the small vinyl haven in Croydon was to the scene.

It was also around 2002 when the term “Dubstep” was coined by Neil Jolliffe (founder of the Tempa label) and brought to the masses when Horsepower Productions first appeared on a XLR8R cover story. Another key element during this time was the release of the first Dubstep Allstars Vol.1 compilation mixed by Hatcha.

Near the end of 2003, another event called Filthy Dub opened, started by Plastician and partner David Carlisle popped up. The likes of Skream, Benga, N-Type, Chef, Cyrus and more made their debuts here, but what transformed the event was the regular appearances of the DMZ crew (who at the time hadn’t had a release out as of yet) bringing Jamaican Sound system culture to the night.

After releasing their first record on Big Apple Records in 2004, that being Digital Mystikz- Pathways/Ugly, the DMZ label was founded and so was the bi-monthly rave that took place in Brixton, bringing regular faces such as Skream, Kode 9, Hijack, Youngsta but also newer ones, such as Bristol’s very own don Pinch and even America’s first Dubstep Ambassador Joe Nice to play. DMZ’s first anniversary took place at Mass,(named so because of the venue being an old converted church) saw followers from across the globe attend, Scandinavia, America and even the other side of the pond, Australia. With lines reaching around 600 people, the event was forced to move from its regular 400-capacity space to Mass’ main room, causing the anniversary to take its place into Dubstep history.

2005-2008 coming next, expect details on the ‘Dubstep Forum’, ‘Dubstep warz’ and the rise of Skream and Benga.

Stay Juicy,

Juan Love x

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