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Mesck -Doomsayer EP [TRSK003] Artwork by Mesck

The squad over at Trusik have definitely secured a Percy with numero tres on their recently formed label. And something seriously evil was definitely brewing on the dark side of Shrek’s swamp whilst this one was being put together stateside, and whatever it was, I want more. With releases on Crucial and Chestplate, originally from L.A., but now Colorado based, Mesck brings some serious heat with this ‘Doomsayer’ EP, a release Juan can definitely get behind.

A1. Doomsayer Mesck’s affiliation to the darker side of dubstep is more than apparent on Doomsayer, displaying a plethora of soul shaking aspects, that hit you right in the middle of your chest throughout the EP. Starting off with the title track ‘Doomsayer' this tune really sets the scene of the musical journey you are about to embark on. Once again the use of African drums compliment the classic wub of dubstep that we all know and love. You can almost imagine a late night police pursuit of a vigilante fleeing the city due to his reckless methods of crime fighting, causing more harm than good in the wake of singed palm trees... or maybe even Nicolas Cage as Ghostrider half way through his transformation.

A2. Following on from this hell bent theme of an almost dystopian projection of L.A living, ‘Psychodrama’ is more than true to its name. Its winding melody and solid drums continue the descent into the depths of a realm quite unnerving but interesting all at the same time. whilst listening to this one the melody drags you along with it as opposed to you moving alongside it, its odd but oddly pleasing. You're left confused but satisfied, and you don't know to which you sway more.

B1. Ill Behavior, the collaboration with Kalidubs brings in a different flavour, but doesn’t disrupt the progression of the tracks in the EP. Building upon a well established structure, this tune adds another perspective, complimenting the artists own depiction in the artwork for the tape. Cascading kicks, a disgusting baseline and especially the distorted vocal sample really hones in on the images created by the two artists.

B2. And finally, ‘Pills and Chains’ with its elongated drum pattern gives you the feeling of mukky halftime tearout, a perfect tune to round off the project. It’s the last key to the ultimate weapon that is gonna lead you to the other side of the madness, through the debris of pure distopia. The final march, best believe Juan and his mariachi band will have this one in their war playlist when the dark days eventually do roll around...

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