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Grundy - Grundy EP

This review is a bit of a special one! We’ve been working with both Substantial Audio and Grundy for quite a while now here at Juan HQ, so SA010 aka ‘The Grundy EP’ – with a guest feature from Juan regular Vandull on ‘Kill em on a riddim’ - was always going to be a special one for us to review and premiere. We’ve delved into how Substantial deals with it’s releases in previous reviews and interviews, and this release doesn’t deviate from the norm. Four tracks to show the ever-increasing intricacies of Grundy’s production. The eagle eyed ones out there will probably notice a switch up in the aesthetic from previous Substantial releases, with Monsta commissioned for the artwork this time around. Coming to the tail end of his ‘Champion Sound’ tour over in the US of A, Grundy has been on an extremely rapid ascendance over the last two years which has been coupled with the finessing of his sound, easily making him one of the most exciting producers to emerge over the last few years.

'One O' Seven' is an all time percy. I actually managed to catch a glimpse of it just after it had been made via his Facebook story but then the trail went cold for a very long time. When it landed in the inbox I think I wracked up a solid 50 plays in 48 hours. It's Grundy on a different tip, and I'll be darned if it isn't a sick tip. Very dubby groover to keep your feet moving.

'Wacky Tobaccy' is quintessential Grundy. Pulsating bass over a stripped back beat. Summon demons in your bedroom with this one.

'Rosemary' was undoubtedly the best track on the EP for Vandull to vocal. Very sparse, very haunting - perfect for Vandull's skippy flow and his 18+ lyrics. You know it isn't a Vandull track unless there's a sick video to go along with it, so make sure you check out the video for 'Kill Em On A Riddim' above!

An incredibly solid release. Make sure you go and cop!

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