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Sam ULG - DUBLR [SD018]

Simply Deep welcome Bristol-based Sam ULG to their imprint with the DUBLR four-tracker.

Occupying astral planes which are hard to pin down, both DUBLR and Vivid Dream are characterised by sparsity, haunting melodies and fierce low end. Sam ULG is undoubtedly delving into often overlooked avenues in the bass music spectrum. Fans of these kinds of experiments may also find something they like in some of SDLR's outputs. The space utilised by Sam ULG adds an element of ethereal beauty across both tracks, but most emphatically in 'Vivid Dream'. Strip back the drums and you have a buoyant tune that's still rich in texture, as highlighted in the weightless version spun by Mumdance a couple of moons ago.

Indigo Movement bossman Duckem takes on remix duties for 'DUBLR', bringing his unique blend of intergalactic 'erbs and spices. I'm personally a huge fan of Duckem's recent outputs and this one is no exception. Guy conjures cosmic rhythms like no other. We recently reviewed and premiered his eatmybeat release, and if you liked this remix I guarantee that EP is right up your celestial street. Korin Complex closes out the release with his remix of 'Vivid Dream'. Syncopation at it's finest, Korin Complex hasn't just remixed this tune - he's chopped it up and sewed it back together. The original track is still there, but the rhythms skip and flow in an eerily impressive manner. weirdly wonderful in that Skull Disco kinda way! Cop dat, Cart dat, get dat:


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